We welcomed God and the Big Bang in conjunction with Durham University for a trial project working with schools to explore how science and religion compare in today’s society.

Groups from Year 11 and Sixth Form enjoyed lectures and activities led by theologians and scientists.

Feedback from our students:

I think the program was very informative and engaging as it allowed for us to present our opinions instead of being just listening to a lecture , it really made us realise that you can link science and faith and have the best of both worlds instead of having a huge barrier between the two.

Naisha Patel
I really enjoyed listening to the covid talk and hearing about others experiences during lockdown. I also enjoyed the question and answer at the end of the day, because I learnt the aspects of RE and hearing the different opinions from other views.

Finn Reilly
I really enjoyed the question and answer at the end because I thought it helped to go through in depth what have been learnt throughout the day. This has also helped with understanding and developing aspects of the specification that we have learnt in lesson. The day was really well organised.

Cameron Oakley
It was a fun learning experience which taught us about Faith and Science and how they can be used together. The question-and-answer session provided good insights from the Scientists and shared their views on the compatibility of Science and Faith. It was a very interactive session which allowed us to voice our opinions on pressing issues and reflect on our experiences. In addition to this, it allowed us to learn about climate change and the opinions of the future generations.