Head of Faculty

Miss L Boyle

Members of Faculty

Name Role
Miss Dhaliwal Teaching Assistant e-mail
Mrs Zamir Teaching Assistant e-mail
Mrs Mpye Teaching Assistant e-mail
Miss Cunningham Teaching Assistant/Assistant Head of Year 7 e-mail
Miss Harris Teaching Assistant e-mail
Miss Raji Teaching Assistant e-mail
Miss Layshley Teaching Assistant e-mail
Mr Hair Teaching Assistant e-mail
Miss Nolan Teaching Assistant e-mail
Miss Godhania Teaching Assistant e-mail


All members of the Learning Development faculty are dedicated to supporting inclusivity for all students in the school.  Through interventions which are evidence based and through liaising with staff, their aim is to remove barriers to learning and enable, with support, for all students to progress and achieve.

We encourage all students  to develop confidence and skills that are crucial to enabling their success and at the same time, provide targeted support and intervention in line with and in response to individual need.

Learning Development at St. Paul’s is led by the SENDCo, (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), Miss Boyle – lboyle@st-pauls.leicester.sch.uk 

Mrs Konig is the designated teacher for Looked After Children (LAC) – skonig@st-pauls.leicester.sch.uk

SEN Staff Role
Teaching Assistants working within The Faculty of  Learning Development carry out a variety of tasks. These include:

  • Supporting students in the classroom over a wide range of subjects
  • Liaising with teachers
  • Withdrawing small groups for literacy, numeracy or social skills tuition
  • Supporting students on a one to one basis depending on individual need

The department has a designated teaching area which is known as the ‘Learning Hub’.  This is where withdrawal groups or one to one support is provided according to individual need.

Transition from Primary School
Contact will have been made with primary schools before students make the transition to St. Paul’s. This enables the team to prepare for the new Year 7 intake and make arrangements to meet their needs. Additional transition opportunities are arranged for students that require this.
On arrival at St. Paul’s, Year 7 pupils undertake several assessments to establish their current level of ability in literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills. The results of these assessments will help to identify where support and interventions may be required.

Parental Concerns
Parents are kept fully informed of any concerns regarding a pupil’s progress and the need for possible interventions which may be required.
Parents and carers who have concerns or queries about their child can contact the SENCo at any time during the school day to discuss their concerns or arrange a meeting.

The Catholic ethos is firmly maintained in the daily activities of the school and in the work of the SEN department.

The School curriculum also reflects requirements for inclusion and equality as set out in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 2014 and Equality Act 2010, and refers to curriculum-related expectations of governing boards set out in the Department for Education’s Governance Handbook.