Future Pathways

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Future Pathways introduces students to the world of vocational learning; nurturing life skills whilst gaining a wide range of vocational qualifications.  The course is a bespoke programme of study designed to meet the very complex needs of some of our learners in school and providing opportunities outside of school.

Year 9 – Students study the RHS Introductory Level 1 programme.   This is a mixture of theory and practical work assessed through on-going practical work.  Students are also introduced to the Prince’s Trust Qualification and make a start on completing their portfolio.  The Prince’s Trust Programme helps students develop important character skills through relevant, engaging and informal learning.

Year 10 – Students complete the BTEC Level 2 Horticulture qualification.  This builds on the knowledge students gained in Year 9.  This qualification provides students with an understanding of how to establish and maintain plants outdoors and how these can be applied in practice.  The course covers ground preparation, planting, plant maintenance and health.  Students use a range of hand tools and pedestrian tools building skills and confidence and have the opportunity to visit “Coles Plant Centre” to learn about the horticulture industry first hand.

Year 11 – BTEC Animal Care Level 1 / 2 qualification requires learners to study animal health and to learn safe handling skills. Again this is a mixture of theory and practical work where students will meet and learn to look after a variety of different animals.  This is assessed by on-going coursework and a short exam.  Students attend local farms to complete practical work and gain valuable skills on how to handle animals.

Years 10 & 11 Future Pathways students also attend Leicester College and other provisions one day a week to study two of the following courses: Hairdressing, Media, Engineering, Motor Vehicle, Construction or Catering. The independence and confidence gained from independent travel and learning in a different environment supports the development of students enormously and supports their next steps in education.