Head of Faculty

Mrs Pocceschi

Members of Faculty

Name Role
Mr Ouedraogo Teacher of French e-mail
Mrs Gurav Teacher of French and Spanish e-mail
Mrs Bond Teacher of Spanish e-mail
Ms Rivera Galicia Teacher of French and Spanish e-mail

Foreign Languages Curriculum Intent Statement

Faculty Introduction

At St Paul’s we aim to encourage students in life’s adventure by opening the window to other worlds via language learning. Our staff comprises of experienced examiners and native speakers.

We encourage all native speakers of a modern language offered at GCSE to prepare and sit their exam for GCSE when they are ready.


When arriving in year 7, students study either French or Spanish for 2 hours a week. Students are taught in mixed ability groups in Year 7 and 8. We follow the NCELP programme which is aligned with the new Ofsted framework. Pupils’ levels of achievements are assessed through regular tests in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing coupled with standardized class work exercises. Students have the opportunity to participate in a week’s residential visit to either Le Touquet (with a day spent in Paris) or Barcelona, with a focus on developing their linguistic skills. Parallel to this, pupils are consistently encouraged to gain a greater insight and understanding of the culture of the language they’re studying through mediums such as Foreign Films, Use of authentic materials as we well as celebrating native national Festivals throughout the year.

Key Stage 4
French and Spanish are optional at Key Stage 4 and are taught in mixed ability groups. Students start their GCSE in Year 9. We have 3 x 1 hour periods a week in Years 9 and 10 and 2 hours in Year 11. We deliver the AQA French/Spanish GCSE. Each group has their own teacher and the Languages Assistant works with each group for 1 hour per week in years 10 and 11. For their exam, students sit a reading, a listening and a writing paper. They also have a speaking exam conducted by their teacher and marked by AQA.

Key Stage 5
At Key Stage 5 we deliver AQA French and Spanish A Level. The course is taught in 5 hours per week and we dedicate time to cultural understanding including film, art and some literature. The Languages Assistants work with students for one extra hour a week. Year on year our students pursue combined language studies at university.




AQA GCSE Spanish


AQA A Level  French


AQA  A Level Spanish


Useful websites and sources of support


site to revise vocabulary.


This website follows the AQA syllabus for GCSE and GCE and has a digital copy of the textbook we follow in class as well as a variety of interactive exercises to practice for the exams. All KS4 and KS5 students have their personal login details. Please ask your teacher if you need them again

www.reverso.net or wordreference.com

These   are useful online bilingual dictionaries. Remember never to translate full sentences or paragraphs on any online dictionary / translator. Use them as you would with a paper dictionary.


If you need to check or practice the conjugation of a verb!


Listen to your favourite or new songs and improve your listening.

GCSE French And Spanish Long Term Plan
KS3 French Long Term Plan
KS3 Spanish Long Term Plan