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EAL Curriculum Intent Statement

Faculty Introduction

St Paul’s School is a community of communities. We have speakers of over 50 different languages here.

37% of our school population speak English as an Additional Language.

The most predominant languages are; Gujarati, Shona – a Zimbabwean language, Polish, Portuguese – mostly from the Portuguese colony of Daman in India and Tagalog from the Philippines.

Many of our bilingual and multilingual pupils are able to listen, speak, read and write effectively in both or all of their languages but some need additional English Language support.

Language development is supported across the school and throughout the curriculum. However, in addition to support in the classroom, various interventions are in place for those students needing a little extra help.

  • Personalised English lessons are in place for students who have little or no English language.
  • ‘Booster’ classes are available for those students who have reached a good level of spoken English but require additional support with their reading and writing.
  • At Key Stage 4, students with EAL are provided with language support as one of their options. For many, this results in an English Entry Level Functional Skills Qualification, which is widely recognised at Colleges of Further Education.

Students with English as an Additional Language consistently make good progress at St Paul’s.

EAL at St Paul’s Catholic School is managed by the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Department. Any questions about EAL can be directed to Mrs Anne Cartwright (EAL Co-ordinator) or Mrs Marylise Pocceschi (Head of MFL).

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