Mrs Conaghan was delighted to award the following Year 7 students:

Principal’s Pen
Zarif for his dedicated focus to his learning in all subjects, his competitive spirit and focused approach to learning.
Lexi for her amazing approach to school and life, her concern for others and her endearing manner in trying to make all in 7S feel part of a community and valued.

Commendation Badges
Jeremy for his excellent approach to learning, always trying his best in all that he does and for being an outstanding member of the form encouraging others in a proactive and positive manner.
Oliver for his perseverance over the academic year in terms of transition from primary to secondary, overcoming his uncertainties and always striving to do his best.
Lillian for her calm, collected approach to school life, her positive manner with her peers and for always trying her best.

MFL Badge
Wiolka for an excellent piece of writing she produced in Spanish in her own time and outstanding effort and participation in all Spanish lessons