It is my pleasure to welcome new and existing students to St Paul’s Sixth Form. This is an exciting moment for many students’ academic journey. As a small Sixth Form Catholic community we are fully equipped to offer students with not only high levels of academic support but the time for personal growth, character development, and taking on leadership roles. It is a time for students to engage in self-reflection and discover who they want to become. Embracing the opportunities to join clubs, take part in extracurricular activities, and be of service to their wider school community. These are just some experiences that will help shape not only their CV or application form Post-18 but also their character.

We are very proud with what we have to offer at our academic institution, students will be exposed to a wider range of subjects and opportunities. These range from EPQ, first aid qualifications and work experience. Students are provided with the chance to dive deeper into their chosen subjects, exploring passions and honing many skills. They will have the opportunity to engage in critical thinking, question the world around them, and develop a deeper understanding of the subjects that interest them the most.

As our students embark on their Sixth Form journey, they know that they aren’t alone. Teachers, advisors, pastoral support and fellow students are here to support and guide them.

I encourage all students to approach the Sixth Form with enthusiasm and an open mind. Key characteristics that we encourage are, to show curiosity, be resilient, and be passionate about their studies and personal development. They have the potential to achieve great things during this phase of their education, and like many I can’t wait to see the remarkable individuals that they will all become.

If you are interested in applying or would like any additional help, please feel free to get in touch. May each and every child’s journey be filled with growth, achievement, and meaningful experiences.

Mrs F Bhana, Head of Sixth Form