Year 9 Food & Nutrition students this week have been very fortunate to learn the complex skills of handling, preparing and cooking with fish as part of their GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition course.

  • It started with a masterclass of learning how to fillet mackerel and using this to produce a tasty mackerel and potato salad ‘burger’
  • Following on from this we partnered with the Alaska Seafood University to help our pupils become dab hands at preparing and cooking fish dishes in an initiative that is angling to promote awareness of sustainability and nutritional benefits of wild fish, as well as a chance to discover the tastes, textures, and versatility of Alaskan Seafood.
  • We have netted funding through the FISH Hero program for four cases of Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon during Wild Alaska Seafood Month .
  • This week, pupils prepared Wild Alaskan Salmon for a delicious recipe of fish cakes.
  • The wilderness of Alaska and its cool, clear coastal and inland waters are home to some of the world’s best sustainable seafood. Fish of all varieties abound in its three million lakes, 34,000 miles of coastline and 3,000 rivers. It is here that five different types of wild salmon – king, sockeye, keta, coho and pink: premium black cod and wild Alaska pollock thrive and mature at a natural pace.
  • We hope the scheme will be good for the sole with pupils becoming experts at using and handling Wild Alaskan Salmon.