Why choose A Level Photography

Students will be expected to have met St Paul’s entry requirements of 2 Grade 5’s and 4 Grade 4’s. A minimum of grade 4 in English and Maths is essential for all courses.

What will I learn on this A-Level course?

Studying photography at this level is very different from everyday snap photography. There is a mixture of practical work and writing about photography generally. Teachers and technicians will show you how to use photographic equipment properly, and how it can be exploited creatively. You will be expected to write up your work and present it in a sketchbook, and you need to have access to a camera for working at home. There is a very clear structure to the course, but you will be given the opportunity to interpret ideas in your own way and use your own creativity – there is a lot of scope for your imagination! All the work you do is closely related to the ideas and practice of the great photographers and other relevant artists. The second unit in each year is an examination unit where students respond to themes set by the exam board. Your final piece is produced under test conditions. The second year is concerned with personal investigation and how ideas can be expressed through Photography.

What kind of student is this course suitable for?

A Level Photography is suitable for students:

  • Who wish to study photography, art, craft and design at a higher level usually at art college or further education
  • Who are looking to take up careers for which an art background is relevant, for example careers in advertising, publishing, architecture, museums, theatre, art gallery work or teaching / lecturing, illustration, fine art; with an interest in and aptitude for the subject who do not intend to study it further, but who see it as an opportunity for enjoyment, personal growth and expression.

Assessment Board: Edexcel

There are two units in each year: the second one includes a timed test. All units are internally assessed and moderated by Edexcel.

Many students who do Photography at A-level use their qualification to do a degree in Photography or a related subject. Example degree courses which require or accept Photography A-level include Photography, Photography and Video, Film Studies, Digital Media and Culture, Filmmaking, Media and Journalism

A Photography degree is useful for a number of jobs, including commercial photographer, fashion photographer, filmmaker, forensic photographer, medical photographer, nature photographer, photographic illustrator, teacher, photojournalist, picture editor, sports photographer.

For further information, please contact:

Miss Coggins (ecoggins@st-pauls.leicester.sch.uk) or

Mrs Bosworth (cbosworth@st-pauls.leicester.sch.uk)