Coffee with a copper

The ‘coffee with a copper’ initiative aims to encourage pupils to interact with local police officers in order to break down barriers between young people and the police. Youth Engagement Officer, Uzair Makadam will be in school fortnightly, engaging with pupils during lunchtime. Pupils will be encouraged to discuss any concerns they may have regarding their local community.

How do the police benefit?
Improved relationships with young people

  • Increased intelligence from pupils and staff
  • Increased ability to reach young people ‘at risk’
  • Improved relationships with schools and the community

How do pupils’ benefit?
Improved relationships with the police

  • Exposure to positive role models
  • Feeling safer in and around school
  • Provides an opportunity to raise concerns regarding their local community

How St Paul’s benefit
Improved relationships with the police

  • Lower levels of criminal acts in and around the school
  • Improved behaviour in the school environment
  • PHSE and pastoral support

How communities’ benefit
More positive attitudes towards schools

  • Improved relationships with schools and police
  • Less negative views of young people

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