It has been an amazing journey from the first day. Shadowers were enthusiastic and eager to complete the books. The competition was on and our lovely students gave up 15 minutes of their lunch time every day for group time.

Carnegie not only encouraged reading but also had an impact on positive peer relationships between students. The love for reading and commitment was at its highest.  There were discussions, reviews and voting.  We even had time for crafts!

The Shine group led by Mrs Chapman won the crafts trophy. Their crowns for the event were amazing.

Daniel in Yr. 7 and Ann Maria in Yr. 8 won the reading trophies.

Our school vote was a tie between Medusa and The Blue Book of Nebo.

Greek Mythology is always a favourite and hence we have crowned Medusa along with the Winners of 2023.

The Blue book of Nebo (CARNEGIE 2023 WINNER)



 CONGRATULATIONS to all students who took part and all won a goodie bag with a copy of their favourite book.

Looking forward to next year.

Thank you for all your support with the library.

Mrs Tutla