Congratulations to the following students who have been nominated for subject badges this week:


Year 10 – Domie, Ria, Amira, Tanika, Evie & Shalom for their sustained effort and resilience in all the work we do

Fimela – working diligently in class

Year 11

Sindile  – Working incredibly hard this term. Each lesson she is engaged, focused and consistently shows great effort in all aspects of her work. She is an absolute pleasure to teach and a fantastic addition to the classroom. The maturity she shows in her written work shows her ability to respond positively to feedback and act on it quickly.


Taslin  – Her understanding around the subject is growing each week. I know from Taslin’s book that her work shows her working well independently at home consolidating as well as completing all of the set work. I am so proud to see Taslin’s development!

Kyle  – working exceptionally hard and has made a lot of improvement recently

Year 10
Ruby – Such a positive attitude to learning each lesson. Ruby approaches each aspect of her work with determination, focus and a drive to succeed. I am really excited to see where Ruby will go next in her learning!

Sonia  – I am so impressed with how Sonia has grown in confidence. Her contributions in class are excellent; she really considers the idea carefully adding greater depth to the discussion.


Year 8
Bethany  – Fantastic art ability and homework well done

Miriam  – Fantastic art ability and homework well done

Year 9
Eleri, Jimi and Lillie – A fantastic start to GCSE Art well done! A great sketchbook and attitude

Maariyah – For independent personal response made in her Art work

Year 10
Julia  – Excellent ability and attitude, working extremely hard and producing amazing work

Year 11
Amos and Alyssa – Independence and resilience

Sixth Form

Phoebe –  Exceptional homework and attitude in lessons

Joseph – Amazing enthusiasm, excellent work and an inspiration to other students

Food Technology

Year 7

Jaicie – Excellent  subject knowledge

Year 9
Phoebe  – Consistent learner with an excellent attitude towards the subject

Evie – Always focused and ready to learn

Sienna – Excellent home learning practical activities completed.

Niamh  – Excellent standard of work being produced

Year 10
Ruby – Excellent attitude towards her learning

Amy  – Excellent home learning practical activities completed

Emma – Excellent home learning practical activities completed


Year 7
Lewis & Grace – Excellent effort and work in science

Elisha – Enthusiasm and engagement in all tasks with a mature and independent attitude

Year 10
Lily – Outstanding effort in chemistry and being resilient with some of the more complex concepts

Helena – Demonstrates resilience and perseverance by making a focused effort in every lesson she attends

Elli-Mae – sustained high quality work and effort which is reflected in her confident responses and sound understanding of biology – well done

Joanna – Fantastic student, keen learner with excellent behaviour


Alexander & Niall