16 – 19 Bursary Application

St Paul’s Catholic School, in common with other Sixth Form centres, has been allocated a sum of money to be awarded to Sixth Form students facing financial hardship to help them remain in education. To be eligible for funding a student must meet certain criteria. If a student is deemed eligible, they will be directed to submit a bursary application to request financial support.

There are currently two bursary schemes that can be applied for:

Vulnerable Student Bursary – Students aged 16-19 who meet one of 4 criteria (plus other criteria for residency) and who have a financial need can apply for a bursary for vulnerable groups of up to £1,200 per year. This reflects that students in these groups may need a greater level of support to enable them to continue to participate in education.

  • Discretionary Bursaries – St Paul’s Catholic School will make discretionary bursary awards to Sixth Form students to help them overcome the individual barriers to participation they may face, for example:
  • Daily transport costs
  • Meals in college
  • Textbooks
  • Educational equipment (e.g. calculators)
  • Specialist clothing (e.g. PE) or Sixth Form dress code items.
  • Costs linked to Higher Education/Apprenticeships (e.g. travel, application fees)
  • Any other item that a student may require to support their education (e.g. a laptop)

Items will usually be purchased directly by the school. Payments may be reimbursed to a student if the item has been applied for, approved for purchase and a valid receipt for the approved item is provided. Payments will normally be made to ParentPay accounts.

Students should not commit to purchasing any item until a bursary application has been fully approved.

16-19 Bursary Policy Final – August 2020

Bursary Request Form

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