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Catholic Life

Celebrating our Catholic faith

We gather as a community of faith to listen to and put into practice the teachings of Jesus Christ as part of the mission of the Church. Following the Church’s Calendar we worship together in public celebrations of the liturgy seeking to grow spiritually in faith, hope and love through the direction of the Holy Spirit.


Voluntary Morning Prayer in the Chapel at 8.20 am

Form Morning Prayer 8.45 am in Form Rooms


Voluntary Celebration of Mass with the Deanery clergy Thursday’s at 8.45 am. This Mass is organised by a form every two weeks

Form Adoration and intercession on Tuesday’s 8.45 am in the Chapel.

Voluntary Praise and Worship on Thursday’s 1.30 pm in the Chapel.

Year Assemblies gather at 8.45 am in the Theatre

Some of the opportunities for collective worship throughout the year

Year 7 and Year 12 begin their year with a Welcome Mass and all form rooms are blessed by the Chaplain

Students in Year 7-9 prepare a Class Mass with one of the Deanery clergy and celebrate this Mass during their RE lesson

We celebrate Mass for the Feast of All Saints and a Liturgy of remembrance on All Souls Day

During Advent Years 7-10 take part in an Advent Service reflecting on people from the Old Testament, with a Carol Service in the evening of the last week of term.

On Ash Wednesday we begin our Lenten observances with the blessing and distribution of ashes. During Lent all forms come to the Chapel for a Penitential Service and have time to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation on three ‘Day’s of Mercy’. The final week of Lent has groups walk the Stations of the Cross around the school grounds.

Year 11 and 13 before the exam season begins celebrate a Community Mass with blessing of pens for their exams.

Around the Feast of Corpus Christi, forms from Lower School spend time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament using Lectio Divina  and concluding with Benediction.

Our Feast Day on the Friday nearest to the Feast of St Peter and St Paul has the whole school gather for the celebration of Mass

Our Staff begin the academic Year with a Staff Liturgy and celebrate a Mass during the last week of the year with those who are leaving our community.

In guidance with the teachings of the Church we respect and encourage our students of other faiths to develop in their own faith life, sharing our common aim of ‘walking humbly with our God.’

The Parishes linked to our school