Student Testimonies

The main reason behind me coming to St Pauls for sixth form was honestly because I read it had the best A Level results in Leicester for a number of years running. When I started, I realised exactly why this was; all of my teachers were amazing and genuinely wanted to see me progress, they were always willing to go the extra mile and invest their time to help me do well, and I can only credit the three A’s I left with to them. The friends for life I made were just a bonus, St Pauls is more than a community, it is a family, and I hope to make everyone proud when I (God-willing) go on to work for the UN one day. I have just finished my first year at the University of Leicester studying International Relations and am hoping to go into Human Rights when I finish!

Choosing to spend Sixth Form at St Pauls was one of the easiest decisions I have ever had to make. Having spent Years 7 to 11 at St Pauls I felt like it was the best place to continue my education, having formed close-knit relationships with both staff and students. Throughout both Year 12 and 13, it became clear that this was a great decision. The support at St Pauls Sixth Form, both academic and pastoral is second to none, with an array of opportunities varying from volunteering to running for intra-school council positions, something that I did myself and ended up as Deputy Head Boy in Year 13. Team Ghana is another great opportunity which made my Sixth Form experience so great, personally taking part in the fundraising and the actual trip, and can say with no doubt in my mind that the ten days I spent in Ghana were the best ten days of my life.. I left St Pauls with A*BC at A-Level and am currently studying International Relations and Political Science at the University of Birmingham, with an aim to work for the Public Service sector either domestically or internationally.