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The Chaplain, Deacon Séamus O’Looskan, works within the school full time, following a Salesian method of working with young people. Supporting the Chaplain is Mia Alexander-Fowler, this year’s Damascus Project Volunteer.  The Chaplaincy team are available to talk to and to offer a listening ear. It may be to share a worry, have had a bereavement or need support. The Chaplain’s role is unique within the school because they are able to listen and advise but will not need to pass judgement.

The Chaplaincy team work closely with School’s Pastoral Team to provide pastoral care as well as opportunities to grow spiritually and develop personal understanding.  This includes, the weekly Savio Club for Year 7, retreats at the Briars Retreat Centre for Years 7 and 9,  Think Days at the Rosmini Centre for Years 7, 8 and 10, visits to the Holocaust Centre for Year 9, Retreat Days for 6th form and year Feast Days celebrating the patron saints chosen by the year group for their time in school. This year the Patron Saints are Year 8 St Peter Claver, Year 9 St Mother Teresa, Year 10 St Maria Goretti, Year 11 Maximilian Kolbe. The Chaplaincy also co-ordinates the Ananias Youth Leadership Academy bringing together the School Council, Parish Ambassadors, Peer Mentoring and the Lower & Upper School Awards.

The Chaplaincy office is based in the Bosco Room, which can be entered off the dining room corridor.  Next to this is also the Stanford Garden, an oasis of peace in a busy school.


The Chapel of St Paul, with the Blessed Sacrament reserved, is open all day for anyone who wishes to use it. A place to pray, or to sit quietly with your own thoughts. A place to shed a tear when news is not so good. A place to celebrate important events in our faith journey.

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