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Comenius Project

Comenius visit to Poland – October 2013

Last October, nine students and two teachers of St. Paul’s travelled to Poland for five days to visit our Comenius partner school in Promnik, Poland. Teachers and students alike made us feel very welcome and we had a fantastic time there, together with teachers and students from Portugal and Turkey. In Poland we experienced first hand the Polish way of living and culture and we enjoyed the sightseeing in cities such as Warsaw, Krakow and Kielce. We also had the opportunity of visit the concentration camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau: undoubtedly, an experience that will live in our memories forever.

Since 2008, we have been visited by teachers and students from Spain and Poland who came to visit St Paul’s to meet some of the students that have participated in the Comenius Project and also to get to know the school.  All of them are primary school teachers and they were very impressed by the size and facilities of St Paul’s.  Staff and students from St Paul’s have been to Spain and Poland a couple of times to visit the participating schools.

The British Comenius Team at the Concentration Camp in Birkenau: