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Careers Advice

Careers Education and Connexions Partnership

St Paul’s Careers Education and Guidance Programme contributes to preparing young people for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. They help students make decisions and manage their transitions as learners and as the future ‘work force’.

At times of transition – Year 9, Post 16 and 18, students need to know what opportunities and options are available to them. With the introduction of alternative curriculum’s, apprenticeships, training and other qualifications outside the normal G.C.S.E and A level routes, it is vital that students have the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decision about options and choices available to them.

Developments in learning and work make it essential that young people take a more active role in their career planning (E.g. students need to develop the skills to investigate career opportunities available to them). Consequently, St Paul’s careers programme emphasises individual participation. It is built on three aims, as directed by the National Framework for Careers Education. These are that young people should be able to.

Understand themselves                             Self
and the influences on them        =           Development

Investigate opportunities                         Career
In Learning and work                   =           Exploration

Make and adjust plans to                           Career
manage change and transition  =           Management

Career Education is delivered to all students in Year 7-13 within the PSHE curriculum. The Careers programme has two components.

Careers Education
This helps students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to make successful choices, manage transitions in learning and move into work.

Careers Guidance
Enables students to use the knowledge and skills they develop to focus on their choices and make the decisions about learning and work that are right for them.

Connexions Partnership
All pupils aged 13-19 have access to a Connexions Personal Advisor who can give advice, information and arrange expert help if it is needed. St Paul’s Connexions Personal Advisors is Steven Readhead and the Young Persons Support Advisor is Vardana Patel.
Steven and Vardana are based in the school library and are available four days a week, between 8.30am and 3.30pm. They usually make appointments to see students but also offer a ‘drop in’ service at break and lunchtimes. In addition to this, they attend Year 9 and Year 11 option evenings and transition reviews for students with special educational needs.
Their role in the school is to work together with the Work Experience and Careers Co-ordinator; Tarandip Gahir to ensure every young person receives Careers Education and Guidance.

Examples of the Career Education and Guidance provision at St Paul’s

YEAR 7 All about me
Choices and decisions
A-Z of jobs
YEAR 8 What kind of person am I?
Our school as a place of work
Job studies –locating occupational information
Schoolwork! How can it help me in the future?
Job Families
Career skills development profile
YEAR 9 Introduction to the Careers Library and computer software
Subject choices and job focus
The decision making process
Equal opportunities, stereotypes and values given to
Career Advice ‘drop in’ service
 ‘How to choose your GCSE options’ presentation.
Career action planning
YEAR 10 Kudos – computer software career matching programme
Enterprise and opportunities day
‘The World of Work’ e.g. Health & Safety in the work place
One to one interviews with a Connexions Personal adviser.
Two weeks work experience (last 2 weeks of the Summer term).
YEAR 11  How ‘subjects’ link to your work experience.
 Choices and opportunities Post 16
Applying for Post 16 opportunities (LeCAP)
Writing a Curriculum Vitae
One to one career guidance interview
YEAR 12 & 13   UCAS applications
One to one career guidance interview.
Alternative options to university.
Writing a Curriculum Vitae.