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Sixth Form Handbook 2018 – 2019

Sixth Form Dress C ode 2018-2019

Bursary Application

In the first Half Term, you may be eligible to apply for a Bursary which is awarded in a range of situations. The bursary will support your academic studies financially. In the past, students have used it to help pay for practical items such as text books or a bus pass to help them get to school on time; others have used it to further their education studies, for example in learning Sign Language.

You will usually be applicable for bursary support if you are currently on Free School Meals, but there are a range of other situations that are considered. Please speak to the Sixth Form Leadership Team is you have any queries about this.


School Day

Period 19.00-10.00
Period 210.00-11.00
Period 311.20-12.20
Period 412.20-1.20
Period 52.00-3.10


Study Skills

In addition to the provision during your Induction, you will find a range of links here that will support you in developing your study skills and revision techniques.