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STEM Medical Mavericks Workshop held on Tuesday 18 June

Students’ reviews of the STEM Medical Mavericks Workshop held on Tuesday 18th June 2019


“We had the Medical Mavericks visit us at St Paul’s on 18th June 2019. They discussed with us loads of professions we could do in the future”. -By Sebastien

“It was a fun experience, you got to know what some people have to do in the hospital and GP surgeries. It prepares you for what could happen in  future jobs. An insight to real life in the hospital. Thank you Mrs Ndoh” -By Fimela

“Today was so much fun and also very informative. We explored aspects of medical careers that we normally would never be able to” –Anon

“Working with the Medical Mavericks was a fun experience. We all got to try the basic tests a medical worker would carry out almost every day. There were also so many interesting pieces of equipment, particularly the ultrasound scanner” –By Jason

“Today at the STEM session with Mrs Ndoh, we tried loads of new medical tasks which were very interesting. We tried keyhole surgery, ECG and ultrasound scans but my favourite was drawing blood from a fake arm. An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test which measures the electrical activity of your heart to show whether or not it is working normally. An ECG records the heart’s rhythm and activity on a moving strip of paper or a line on a screen. We were also able to print out our ECG records”– Anon



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Visit from retired St Paul’s staff

We were recently visited by a number of retired St Paul’s staff, who came to view our present school and to meet with each other and share stories of school life. The group are pictured in the area that they would have known as the ‘Drama Hall’, but now is our courtyard! They all spoke of their hope that the students of our school continue to thrive and that a good number of them become future teachers! Former students may recognise familiar faces!



Year 12 Sixth Form Enrichment

Year 12 Sixth Form Enrichment enjoyed their talk about Allied Medical Careers.  The presentation from Leicester University staff covered jobs such as ODP’s, physiotherapists, Radiography, Nursing & Midwifery.  Last week’s talk covered Degree Apprenticeships and pupils interested in Apprenticeships registered their interest.

Information for World of Work Week

WoW Monday Business Networking

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Congratulations to George, Nimantha & Nipuna…

Congratulations to George in year 10 who has passed his Tae Kwon Do Grading and has progressed to 2nd Degree Black Belt and Nimantha in year 10 and Nipuna in year 7 who passed and progressed to 1st Degree Black Belt.  What a great achievement!




Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2019

Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2019

St. Paul’s has been selected to be part of the judging panel for this prestigious award and we have been sent the shortlisted books to evaluate and decide our winner. Some Year 7 and possibly Year 8 students who are identified as being very interested in Science will be invited to join the panel.

Mr Joshi and Mrs Wilson, the Librarian, will be running the group and are looking forward to interesting discussions and experiments to try out some of the ideas in the books…





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STEM Project 2019

Student reviews & pictures from the Medical Mavericks Workshops:


“It helped you think outside the box and use skills we’ve learnt from Science and put it into practice. I really enjoyed it”

 “It’s been interesting and fun carrying out a series of experiments to solve a murder mystery”

 “It was really nice doing a forensic investigation”

 “They were fun experiments and at the same time you learn a lot of things like how to carry out flame tests to identify metals in compounds and the non-metal parts of the compounds”

 “It was very interesting to see the different colours compounds give when they burn”

 “It’s a fun way of learning new things. I can’t wait to try out taking blood from a fake arm in next week’s Medical Mavericks Workshop”

 “For me it is very interesting and it will help us in the future”

 “Overall it has been a good experience, learning about necessary and important things vital to life. I would be obliged to meet with members of the Cape Ed and learn more about Marine Biology so I am really looking forward to the STEM Workshop on the 28th June”

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Holocaust Trip

Just a reminder that the Year 9 Holocaust trip returns to school at 4.30pm – forms S,T&P have gone today and A,U&L will be going tomorrow.