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Year 6 Transition Tasks

By now all students who are joining us in Year 6 will have received their induction pack from St Paul’s – thank you to those parents who have already begun submitting the paperwork to us.

Please remember that they can be returned by either:

  • email as an attachment
  • post
  • In person to the school office – we are open 8-4 every weekday.

There have been a number of questions about the language preference – the timetable in the Transition booklet is a SAMPLE ONLY.  If you expressed your child’s language preference before 21st April as requested, we will do our very to ensure that this is incorporated in your child’s timetable when they start at St Paul’s in the Autumn Term.


Below are a series of tasks designed by the staff here at St Paul’s.

As explained in the letter in the pack you received, the tasks are meant to completed at your child’s leisure with no official submission but if your child wises to send us anything they can do so using the transition email address. I hope they enjoy the work.

All work with ADAPTED on it means it is a task that may be more suitable for children who find the main task too difficult. Not all tasks are ADAPTED because we feel there are some that all children should be able to access. Please do not feel your child needs to do everything. The Technology task will follow in the next email.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s move to St Paul’s, please feel free to use the email

Geography transition tasks 1 2 and Manoa island map ADAPTED
Geography year 6 work
Get_Ready_For_Science Transition (1)
History transitions tasks ADAPTED
Laboratory equipment ADAPTED TASK
Year 7_St Pauls Transition Maths
St Pauls Transition Answers Maths
Transition History task
Work for yr6 RE FINAL
Y6 Transition Art Still_life_-_Home_Learning_Project-compressed
Year 6 Home-learning-
Bollywood Dance Project
Year 7_
Y6 transition English 1a
Y6 transition English 1b
Y6 transition English 2