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STEM Project 2019

Student reviews & pictures from the Medical Mavericks Workshops:


“It helped you think outside the box and use skills we’ve learnt from Science and put it into practice. I really enjoyed it”

 “It’s been interesting and fun carrying out a series of experiments to solve a murder mystery”

 “It was really nice doing a forensic investigation”

 “They were fun experiments and at the same time you learn a lot of things like how to carry out flame tests to identify metals in compounds and the non-metal parts of the compounds”

 “It was very interesting to see the different colours compounds give when they burn”

 “It’s a fun way of learning new things. I can’t wait to try out taking blood from a fake arm in next week’s Medical Mavericks Workshop”

 “For me it is very interesting and it will help us in the future”

 “Overall it has been a good experience, learning about necessary and important things vital to life. I would be obliged to meet with members of the Cape Ed and learn more about Marine Biology so I am really looking forward to the STEM Workshop on the 28th June”

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