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Year 9 GCSE Food Preparation ‘Ready Steady Cook Team Challenge’

Our Year 9 GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition students were given a ‘Ready Steady Cook Team Challenge’

They were given a tray of mystery ingredients to make a new food product that must be interesting, tasty and attractive as well as provide a nutritious dish for a vegetarian or someone who is considering cutting down on their meat intake.

Each team had to give a 30 second ‘pitch’ stating the sensory qualities of the new product, what worked well and what could be improved, as well as write an evaluation of their new ‘Alternative Proteins’ based product explaining how this product has contributed towards a healthy balanced diet for a vegetarian.

The students were fantastic at displaying teamwork, group discussions, creativity and applying their knowledge of alternative proteins.

The overall winners were the ‘Yellow Peppers’ team so well done to Zion, Juleo and Kenniseyo!

food pic