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Dissection Club

Dissection Club

I didn’t really know what to expect from Dissection Club apart from, I knew we were going to be cutting things up! But after the first week of doing it I found out that not only is Dissection Club interesting but also very fun!

Dissection Club is run by Mr Cockcroft and Mrs Lamont. Before each dissection we have a quick lesson so we know what to look for and the best way to open it up! This is very interesting.

Then it’s on to dissecting. Now that we know what to do and what to look for it’s much easier to find the main part of what you are dissecting. The dissecting part is the most fun!

Mr Cockcroft and Mrs Lamont come round to make sure  we understand the parts and sometimes 6th formers and other science teachers come and help us too.

So far we have dissected three interesting things:


Lambs Heart

And a Fish Head

I learnt so much from each dissection and I can’t wait for the next dissection! My favourite was probably the lambs heart because I could easily tell which side of the heart would pump the blood around the body and which one would send the blood to the lungs to collect the oxygen!

I didn’t realise how many friends I could make from just one club! This club definitely helped me meet new people that I had never really talked to or met before!

This club is awesomely run and is a very good club to go to!


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