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STEM Project, Session 4

Session 4 Reviews

In our previous STEM session, I learnt a lot about the different journeys to become an engineer and psychologist. It provided insight on many things such as grade requirements, work experience and what skills are gained during the time of being an engineer/psychologist. Overall it was a very enjoyable and informative lesson. By Harveet

It  was quite interesting to see how our two guests got to where they are today, a mechanical engineer and psychologist; their presentations allowed us to understand the different aspects of the two careers. I loved the demonstrations on the Wind Tunnel app which used different colours to indicate the pressure and speed that the vehicles(cars and planes) were exerting. The Wind Tunnel app also lets you play with the fluid and understand physics effects.  These effects are highly defined and helped us understand and know how to use the different apparatus used by mechanical engineers.

We learnt that psychology is the study of the human brain, behaviour and emotions. We also learnt that having a lot of work experience would help if you wanted to become a psychologist as it is a very useful skill (in most  jobs anyway). Natalie also taught us that we need to get high grades in English and Maths, to be able to start of with a decent job, but it all depends on which school/ university you attend. In my opinion, I would say that being a psychologist is a very interesting career choice. By Anashe

I really enjoyed the STEM session as I learnt new information that I found very useful and interesting.  By Zeenat and Ambica


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