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Year 9 Young Enterprise

Yr 9 Young Enterprise

 by Megan 9S


Our Yr 9 Young Enterprise project was to complete a ‘Young Apprentice’ style team challenge. Working as a mini business, we set out to make and sell cookies to raise money for ‘Team Ghana,’ a charity within school who travel to visit parishes and school communities in this African country. The money we raised is going to help the communities that our school supports within Ghana to provide vital things such as toilet facilities, school buildings and bore holes for fresh water, all of which they wouldn’t either be able to afford or have access to.

We worked hard in teams and were in competition with each other to raise as much money as we could. There were lots of different roles in each team such as Managing Director, Finance Manager and Health & Safety Manager which we chose according to the skills and strengths of our team. I was the Marketing Director which means I was in charge of the packaging and logo design which I really enjoyed. We all worked well together and all made valuable contributions to help us achieve our best.

This has been a great experience as it has taught us some valuable business skills and we have seen how effective hard work and good teamwork can be. I’m also really proud of the fact that we have raised lots of money and made a difference to people’s lives who are less fortunate than ourselves.

A big ‘Well Done’ to all of the Yr 9 Food students and those who bought the Yr 9 Enterprise cookies this year. The total raised was over £350 !