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EPQ Success!

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Congratulations to last year’s EPQ cohort, all of whom achieved grades B and higher on their level 2 projects:

  • Tarrin
  • Michal
  • Niamh
  • Jishel
  • Princess
  • Aiden
  • Ben
  • Alexander
  • Aidan
  • Hollie-Rose
  • Amelia

St Pauls’ pupils given lessons in combating flooding and water pollution

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flooding 1 (2)

Students from three schools are creating water butts, wetland scrapes and rainwater gardens as part of a project to learn more about pollution and flooding.

St Paul’s Catholic School, Willowbrook Primary and Judgemeadow College are taking part in the Soar Aspirations Project which will teach students about environmentally-friendly ways to help prevent flooding and diffuse pollution.  This includes situations where rainwater running into watercourses introduces potentially harmful pollutants.

Councillor Adam Clarke, Assistant City Mayor responsible for energy and sustainability, said “recent events in the north of England highlight the importance of protecting ourselves from flooding and water pollution.  Schools, along with businesses, homeowners and the public sector, all have a role to play in making sure we manage water more responsibly and sustainably.  Installing rainwater butts to harvest water, which can then be used on gardens, helps to mitigate against the effects of dangerous climate change and protects our watercourses”.

The Soar Aspirations Project is funded by the Environment Agency, working with the Soar Catchment Partnership, which is an EU-funded scheme that brings together different agencies to tackle issues such as flooding, climate change and pollution.


flooding 2

flooding 3

flooding 5


St Paul’s hosts award winning author Sufiya Ahmed

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 On Friday, 5th February, St Paul’s was delighted to host Sufiya Ahmed, author of the award winning novel, ‘Secrets of the Henna Girl.’  Year 9 pupils had the opportunity to meet Sufiya, hear about her professional journey and learn about the very important issue of forced marriage, a key theme in the novel.  St. Paul’s invited two other local schools, Medani and Judgemeadow, to join us for the talk.  To find out more about Sufiya Ahmed and her book, visit our learning plaza to borrow a copy of the novel or follow her blog at

author 1


‘Yes You Can’ Group Go to University

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yes you can photo

At the beginning of December, the ‘Yes You Can’ group went on their second trip, this time to The University of Leicester.  They were all put in groups of four, which was their group for the day, and explored the University.  They learnt about some very handy stuff like the futuristic education with secondary school students, which was about pupils using Ipads to write their schoolwork instead of writing their school work in a notebook. Also, they learnt about all the top facts of dinosaurs from the Archaeology Department. I spoke with Wayne, one of the students who went on the trip, and he told me that this trip was a really fun one as they got to learn about new stuff they had never learnt about before and said that it was the best trip he had been on with the ‘Yes You Can’ group so far. He said that he is really looking forward to their next trip and would love to do it again.

yes you can photo

In my opinion, I think that ‘Yes You Can’ has really helped me in all different ways, from behaviour to education.  Like most of the others who attend ‘Yes You Can’, we would love to go again and would like to thank all the tutors and teachers who organised it.

We are looking forward to our next trip which will be our graduation ceremony on 2nd March.

By Jaad 8A

Basketball Results

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Basketball Results:


Year 8 – 21 January:

City of Leicester 34, St Paul’s 9

(Team – Raphael, Jaad, Kacper, Shehan, Noah, Tejan, Favour, Nikolas, Ben, Jayden, Paul, Darien)


Year 10 – 2 February:

City of Leicester 21, St Paul’s 26                                       Judgemeadow 4, St Paul’s 16

(Team – Dylan, Tafadzwa, Tareeq, Abean, Jacob, Luca, Trevor, Evan, Joyal, Amorie, Junior, Eugene)


Year 11 – 3 February:

Lancaster Boys 38, St Paul’s 9                                           Beaumont Leys 3, St Paul’s 17

(Team – Israel, Ran, Tareeq, Tyrese, Cian, Donte, Kalvin, Paolo, Remiq)


Youth Speaks Tournament

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The Debate Team attended the Regional Final of the ‘Youth Speaks Tournament’ at Welland Park Academy in Market Harborough on Monday 20 January.

After a valiant effort they unfortunately did not pass through to the finals later this year.

Congratulations to the following members of the St Paul’s Debate Team for a brilliant performance and effort:


Waleed, Greta, Kemo, John, Lisa


and also thank you for the support of Aiden, Ruth, Joel and Philip who worked with the team as coaches and reserve team members.

debate1    debate2

debate3    debate4


Please help us to collect items for recycling!

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We are collecting broken or used pens, plus any types of biscuit wrappers.

Please help us to collect as many as possible by bringing them in to school and putting in the box in reception.

Thank you.