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Chad Godwin, Trampolining Competition

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Chad Godwin, year 9, competed in the year 7-9 ELITE boys trampolining at the weekend, representing the school at the East Midlands Regional Competition.

He was awarded 1st place and has now qualified to progress to Zonals where he will represent the school and compete again.  This competition will have competitors from Wales, the West Midlands and the East Midlands to vie for a place to the National Finals.

Well done Chad!

Year 10 Basketball Results

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The year 10 boys basketball team are through to the county stages of the tournament after a 55-12 win against City of Leicester.  All students got points on the board and the boys have worked very hard to put training in to the game.  We are very proud of them!

New Head Boy & Head Girl

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Voting took place last week – congratulations to the following students:

Head Boy:                                  Luke O’Halloran

Deputy Head Boy:                  Brian Bhatti

Head Girl:                                  Niveda Arioli

Deputy Head Girl :                 Ola Dederowska


Year 12 Prefects:                                       Year 13 Prefects:

Blessing Adebayo                                             Kiera Brown

Jeevan Anand                                                   Aisha Yusuf

Jenessa Kae Cueto                                           Jane Brooke

Shakira Ferreira                                               Anneliya George

Eulalia D’Souza                                                Nadia Gopal

Aiden Clayton-Crosse                                     Megan Horley

Lisa Masore                                                       Harriet Horn

Nidah Pathan                                                    Nandi Hove

Kesna Philip                                                      Kudakwashe Maya

Sophie Riyadh                                                  Noor Pathan

Troy Mason                                                       Cara Randle

Tariro Sigauke                                                  Jazmin Riyadh & Alizeh Somani



GCSE D&T Students, creating and modelling their paper garments

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ruth 8
ruth 7

Below are pictures from GCSE Design and Technology students in years 9 and 10, creating and modelling garments that they had constructed out of paper. The learning objectives of the sessions were for the students to quickly learn about the qualities of paper, opening up discussion about the performance characteristics of the material they were using. Working in teams, they learnt the importance of making prototypes, and they discovered the ability to quickly amend their design ideas if their initial ideas weren’t working the way they had planned, without wasting expensive material. They also learnt about garment shaping, including pleating and adding darts, to ensure a garment fits around the torso.

ruth      ruth 1

ruth 2      ruth 4

ruth 5      ruth 6

ruth 7

ruth 8     ruth 9

Dissection Club

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Dissection Club

I didn’t really know what to expect from Dissection Club apart from, I knew we were going to be cutting things up! But after the first week of doing it I found out that not only is Dissection Club interesting but also very fun!

Dissection Club is run by Mr Cockcroft and Mrs Lamont. Before each dissection we have a quick lesson so we know what to look for and the best way to open it up! This is very interesting.

Then it’s on to dissecting. Now that we know what to do and what to look for it’s much easier to find the main part of what you are dissecting. The dissecting part is the most fun!

Mr Cockcroft and Mrs Lamont come round to make sure  we understand the parts and sometimes 6th formers and other science teachers come and help us too.

So far we have dissected three interesting things:


Lambs Heart

And a Fish Head

I learnt so much from each dissection and I can’t wait for the next dissection! My favourite was probably the lambs heart because I could easily tell which side of the heart would pump the blood around the body and which one would send the blood to the lungs to collect the oxygen!

I didn’t realise how many friends I could make from just one club! This club definitely helped me meet new people that I had never really talked to or met before!

This club is awesomely run and is a very good club to go to!


1 2 3 4 5 6










Summer Works

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20180721 Spencefield Lane

20180721 Spencefield Lane

The first refuge island on Spencefield Lane is nearly finished.

20180721 PMB 2

Work underway for the temporary mobile classrooms for our extra 60 Year 7 students in September.  Building work will start this winter on a new block at the back of the school to house a brand new kitchen and dining room and a new Maths block above.

Results & Photos from Activities Day

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activ 7
activ 8
act 9


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
1st S T S S
2nd T U T T
3rd P S P & U U
4th L P A
5th U L L P
6th A A A L

activities   activities 2

activities 3   activities 4

activities 5   activities 6

activ 7   activ 8

act 9   act 10



Year 9 Young Enterprise

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Yr 9 Young  Enterprise – Final Total !


Well done to Year 9 who have raised over £400 for Ghana this year as part of their ‘Young Enterprise’ module. Looking at the photos and listening to the accounts of those who have been a part of ‘Team Ghana’ has had a lasting effect on many of our students. As a result, they have worked very  hard to apply various business strategies  and  compete against opposing ‘companies’  to raise the most money as possible for this good cause. A big ‘Thank You’ also goes to all the friends and families who were persuaded to buy their cookies !

Mrs Walker.